Balmoral’s rural charm adds to atmosphere on poignant day after Queen’s death

Balmoral Palace felt serene and peaceful, despite the hundreds of mourners coming and going to pay their respects to the beloved Queen Elizabeth II and a great sadness clung to the air.

Locals and visitors – young and old, from far and wide – could be seen walking over the rustic bridge towards the gates of the castle.

The response was overwhelming, with many leaving tributes behind, taking the time to read other cards or reflecting on her 70 years as head of state.

Even the early downpour couldn’t keep some away as people arrived as early as 7am wearing waterproofs and sheltering under umbrellas.

The line of flowers along the wall first thing in the morning suggests some had even come late last night after the news had broken.

Mix of emotions at Balmoral gates

After the morning rain cleared away a grey sky loomed above, setting the scene for a somber day, while streams of people started appearing.

The River Dee could be heard crashing along loudly nearby – filled to the brim after recent downpours – making the rural setting feel that bit more peaceful, which was one of the reasons the late Queen loved the area.

While some shed a tear or stood stoically taking every moment in, others smiled or laughed fondly thinking of their own precious memories.

Countless flowers have been placed at Balmoral. Photo: Wullie Marr/DC Thomson

Locals made it clear she was a part of their community, someone they treasured very dearly and would sorely miss, some even likenening her to a member of their own family.

An abundance of beautiful bouquets brightened the entrance to Balmoral, alongside trinkets and countless messages thanking the Queen for her service and sending love to the rest of the Royal Family.

‘God bless, amazing lady’

A woven corgi basket was among one of the items placed amongst the tributes in memory of her love for the breed, as well as a Paddington Bear cuddly toy following on from her recent jubilee celebrations.

On the wall, a hand-drawn picture of Queen Elizabeth II was propped up while a balloon shaped like a crown floated above the tributes.

One of the written messages read: “Thank you for your dedication, service and reign. You have been a source of inspiration and a calming figure throughout my life. You will be sorely missed.”

Another said: “Your Majesty, thank you for your selfless service to us all.”

While another simply said: “God bless, amazing lady.”

At noon, the bells from Crathie Church could be heard ringing in the distance to commemorate the late sovereign, joining force with other churches across the country, adding a solemn note to the air.

Teams from Aberdeenshire Council alongside police officers patrolled the area, directing mourners on where to place their tributes while keeping a watchful eye on the gate of the castle.

Journalists from across the country, even some from as far as France and Spain, were gathered behind the barriers watching on as crowds hovered around the gates of the castle and sharing the moment with the rest of the world.

Thousands more people are expected to visit the late monarch’s Deeside home over the course of the weekend to pay their respects to the Queen who’s countless visits to Braemar were always cherished by locals.

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[Balmoral’s rural charm adds to atmosphere on poignant day after Queen’s death]


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