how to relieve tension when you can’t relax

1. Think of a song

It can be any song, as long as it’s one you know well enough to repeat the lyrics.

Sing the first lyric that comes to mind – out loud or in your head is fine. Stop when you run out of words that you can identify, and remember the last word you sung.

2. Sing a lyric from a different song that incorporates the word from step one

You can start anywhere in the song, as long as the lyric you sing contains the word from step one at some point.

Continue to sing until you run out of words again – you can hum some parts if there are a few words you can’t recall.

3. Continue until you start to feel silly

The key to this activity is having some fun and making yourself feel silly – if you mess up or laugh, that’s great!

As Gillis explains: “The endorphins that come from laughter can help alleviate feelings of stress and improve focus on the activity at hand, decreasing space for anxious thoughts.”

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