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Out of all the shows that you have done so far, which one is your favourite and why?

My first show Ishq Mein Marjawan will always be close to my heart. I learnt the basic rules of acting, the ground rules and the technical stuff.

Tell us more about your character in Aashiqana?

I cannot share much about it at this point. All I can say is I am having a great time playing this character. I cannot reveal the name of my character. It is a challenging character and very different from what I have played before.

Your look is suitable for a cop’s role. Do you agree?

Well, yes. I think this look suits me and people say I look cool. But I think it’s the maker’s job to bring out a character. If they have cast you for a particular character, it’s their job to make sure that the look suits you, that’s what I feel.

How did you feel when you wore the khaki vardi?

First of all, it is a big responsibility because a lot of great actors have played a cop. All I can say is that my character is very different from the other police characters that have been portrayed in Bollywood films and TV shows. I’m blessed to have this opportunity.

Who is your favourite Bollywood cop?

Yes! It’s Singham. I loved Ajay Devgn sir in the film. He has done a great job. I also loved watching Salman Khan in Dabangg.

What kind of role would you like to do?

I want to play all kinds of characters under the sun. I want to explore myself as an actor. I want to live thousands, millions of lives on screen. Every character has a journey, from the start to the end.

Do you find differences between TV and OTT?

The difference between TV and web shows and even movies is the time you get. I feel television is the toughest job for an actor. In movies and in web shows, you do your part and then you are done.

Every TV actor wants to explore the web now. What is your viewpoint?

Yes, that’s true. On TV, we must shoot a lot in a single day. And on the web, you have breathing space.

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