Popular TV actress Ashita Dhawan talks to us about her latest show Sindoor Ki Keemat on Dangal TV. Read on : The Tribune India

The title reminds us of the movie Om Shanti Om. Is it inspired by it?

Not exactly. But in reality, it conveys a message. Marriage is an institution that our parents teach us to believe in. It is something that keeps us rooted. Interestingly, I’ve only been doing shows in which I’ve had takiya kalams.

How much do you relate to your character?

I am nowhere close to my character in real life, so it’s not relatable at all. It’s something I put into the character and the audience enjoys what we are doing.

Who do you bond the most with on sets?

I am a very chilled-out person, so I bond with everyone. But there are very few people whom I get close to and Shehzad and Vaibhavi are to such persons on the sets. We spend a lot of time together. We party, have fun, share a lot and learn from each other. Even my on-screen husband and I chill out a lot.

How is your experience working with Dangal TV?

I remember when I got a call for this show, I had my doubts about working for a Bhojpuri channel. Now, I’ve a lot of faith since many great directors and producers are associated with this channel.

What has been the landmark in your career?

The landmark of my journey has been in several innings. It was Bidaai that was my claim to fame, then came in Ladies Special and Nazar, for which I also received an award. I think these shows have helped me a lot.

What is the best thing about the entertainment Industry?

Our industry gives all of us an opportunity to inspire, encourage and learn. It gives a platform for us to showcase our talent. It’s a boon that we get to play ourselves and inspire people. I do get a lot of compliments for my entertainment and my energy which motivates me a lot.

What have been your learnings from the industry so far?

I think that the industry has grown so much that it has space for everyone. It’s very competitive. You need to be yourself and keep working harder. It’s all on you how you want to be seen. Our medium is vast and we can offer a lot just to keep up with the trend.

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