Visit the UK’s tallest living Christmas tree at Wakehurst in 2022

Located at the Wakehurst site in West Sussex, the light trail – which is famous for its truly mesmerising light installations – will finish at the feet of the UK’s tallest living Christmas tree.

That’s right – for the Christmas season, the staff at the wild botanic garden will be transforming the site’s 37-metre-tall giant sequoia (also known as a giant redwood) into the Christmas tree of dreams, using the warm glow of 1,800 energy-saving bulbs to light up its impressive branches.

If you’re finding it hard to picture how impressive a 37-metre-tree really is, let us help you out. Not only does this tree tower above Wakehurst’s Elizabethan mansion, but it’s also 12 metres taller than the 25-metre-tall tree traditionally found in Trafalgar Square. So yeah, it’s pretty big. 

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